Jumping Generations

In 2017 Jumping Generations was created by Smile to establish a connection between Children and Elderly people.


Smile's aim is to bring the oldest and the youngest generations together to share every day life experiences, hobbies, pastimes and knowledge.

Intergenerational Group Activities between children and elderly deliver benefits for the health and wellbeing of both age groups.

Mia's Aim

Interactive Arts

Music & Dance



Links with Nurseries, 

Schools & Further Education.

Irish Dance


 Workshops & Theme Days.

Millport Rocks

Art & Crafts between

the Older & Younger Generations.

Jumping Generations 

is supported by 


Smile share their services for free to help build a stronger connections between the Generations in Community.

Fairy Trail Projects.

Heritage Fairy Woods & Millport Fairy Trail

community project has been developed by Smile to raise funds for activity equipment for people living with dementia & age related illnesses.

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