In the late 1930s at Middleton Hall a Tennis Courts & a Tennis Pavilion was built for the staff of Scottish Oils. 

The Tennis Pavilion changed to a Play School in 1970 for local children till early 1990.

The building has been empty since then and now is in a terrible state of repair.


March 2017

In March 2017 Middleton Hall Staff, family & friends & along with Smile CIC got together to raise funds to start renovating the Centre.

The centre was needing extensive roof repairs totting into tens of thousands, new ceilings, replacement flooring, boiler, central heating, toilet, kitchen, office space and general revamp of decoration inside and out.

Middleton Hall Staff, Friends & Family
 Raised Funds To Renovate
The start of the Project.
The first phase of the project was to raise funds to repair the roof on the centre. Middleton Hall staff, friends,families & FSHC all pulled together doing various sponsored events & craft making to help this be achieved and by november 2017 the building was now water tight intime for the winter.
The Second phase of the project started in early 2018 this was to raise funds to replace the boiler & central heating system.
After the first winter with the new roof on the centre was still very damp and due to the original heating being condemned it was very difficult to proceed forwards with any other small jobs as the level of dampness would effect any new materials.
The Second phase of the project was estimated to be very expensive, as excessive work was needed, all the radiators needed renewed and due to the amount of damage to the original pipe work this meant sections of floors and outside water supply all needed replaced, as a small fundraising group, we knew that it was going to be a mammoth task to raise all the funds that we needed to complete this phase of the project.
Four Seasons Health Care came forward and helped with this phase of the project, providing everything that was needed to replace the boiler and provide the centre with heating and new pipe work throughout.
The Third phase of the project started in summer 2018 this was to raising awareness around the local community about our plans for the future.
The centre's goal is to bring groups of all ages together through activities.
The Third phase of the project was with the help of Smile,
Smile is a community interest group that provides activities for the elderly by linking local resources and groups together to have fun and interact through shared activities.
Smiles community groups have all come together to provide help and support with the clean up project, offering time and what spare resources they have to assist with this phase of the project.
The community cleaners helped remove all old debris from the centre, sanded, swept
and wash down all the walls and floors to prepare for the plaster work and new flooring to be laid. This was a tiresome task as many years of dirt and grim were ingrained into the bones of the building and due to wanting to keep as much of the originality of the building the clean up had to be done carefully.
The Fourth phase of the project started in winter 2018 and extended into mid spring 2019 this was due to the amount of help and support we were getting from Fshc, they offered to help renovate some of the larger jobs once we had sourced the materials.
With the help from everyone in the now forever growing team, we had decided to name the Team (Team Smile) as everyone was now working together staff, family, friends, community and companies to help us achieve our end goal.

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